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QV Woman Presents
The Portraits of Everyday Women Series...

In 2020/2021, we spent some time researching the idea of the power of everyday women. We decided to take that a notch further by doing a firsthand study with some 'everyday' women. 

You know, the well dressed woman next door who goes out everyday, who you only see as she gets into her car and out at the end of the day.

The woman down the street who barely comes out.

The woman in the next street who struggles to get her naughty toddlers into the car before driving off. the older woman who goes on her 4pm walk, no matter what.

Women you see everyday but never thought about what else they do, what they are good at or what their careers might be like!

Guess what? We chased them down, asked them to share their insight into their careers and lives. We asked eight successful women from around the world to share some insights into their lives and careers.

They not only agreed, but did more- they talked about the nuances of their industry, about what it means to be a <whatever they are>, what juggling life and work means and then some advice for fellow women.

Take a look, it is well worth your time. From around the world and various careers, these eight women in Series 1 will strike a chord with you. Take their advice, it will only do you good. It comes from experience and a kind heart.

We will forever be grateful to these women who did this with the sole purpose of helping others succeed. Thank you ladies!!

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Siyuan Ren - Marketing Specialist 

In Episode 1, marketing pro Siyuan Ren (based in the UK), talks about what a marketing specialist does, what it takes to negotiate a partnership, what you need and what you need to give up, tips and tricks to stay relevant to present and future clients. She also talks of how she turned her passion as an artist into a fine arts business.


Bhagyashree Pancholy, Remote Work Specialist

Remote work specialist Bhagyashree Pancholy (who operates from India) speaks about what remote work is and what skills are needed to work remotely.

She also talks about how remote work is not just for those IT sector jobs with laptops but any kind of work where you can work on your own without a physical office and have a fruitful career. About how this can open up opportunities for women world over and maybe finally allow them to "have it all"!


Dianna Leeder, Life Coach

Life Coach and founder of Crave More Life, podcast host and blogger about life issues Canadian Dianna Leeder talks to me about what it means to have a career as a life coach and the kind of outlook it takes to be one. A career that is incredibly personal and sensitive, Dianna helps women one-on-one with whatever they want figured out and helps women overall with her blog and podcast.


Josephine Nzerem- Women's rights and Capacity Building Expert.

Nzerem (who lives and works from Nigeria) discusses practical tips and pointers on how women can have their voice heard when wanting to break into a field or advancing their careers. The focus of the Portraits of Everyday Women Series is practical, what can be done to help women get ahead in their lives and careers (esp. the latter) and Josephine’s discussion does not disappoint.

Josephine is a Director at Ashoka Africa and founder of Human Life, an organization that advocates for legal rights for women. 


Caroline Norman- On being a professor and switching careers.

Norman (based in the UK), discusses career in academia, the benefits of a portfolio career, cross cultural issues and the importance of evolving-- and knowing when to walk away!


Yvette Francino- Agile coaching in IT and life

With nearly 40 years of experience working in the software industry in companies like Sun Technologies and McKesson tech, Yvette (based in the US), has now focused on Agile coaching and training. After a close friend died from ALS, Yvette has dedicated her life to living more meaningfully, making connections and taking on projects that bring her happiness and makes a difference. She uses Agile techniques there too, breaking down things into doable bits, constantly assessing what's working and what is not and wants to bring this Agile thinking into every sector and everyday lives.


Kenna McCall- Jewelry Designer and Lapidarist

Kenna McCall is a jewelry artist- a metalsmith and Lapidarist based in Ontario Canada. After a successful career as a family therapist, she has now devoted herself to creating one of a kind jewelry pieces, sourcing and cutting her own stones (her niche). She discusses her art, being a life long learner and the importance of being adventurous!


Vidya Veeresh on being a service engineer and running a business

Vidya (based in India), talks about swapping careers, building a business and about the importance of identifying market conditions to set up an organization and scale, about having a proper legal structure for your company and for yourself. She talk about championing women in STEM, but also about being practical and knowing when to draw the line.

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