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fitness apps- decisions decisions.....

A simple attempt has been made in this article to give an overall view along with some interesting facts, taken from various sources . However, before proceeding and adapting please carry out your own research and diligence.

Make use of all the free trials and ask around. Try them, see how you and your body feels and go from there but talk to your doctor if you have concerns. Really, this is not a disclaimer you want to ignore.

This article is a review list of some of the more popular fitness apps out there and should not be considered as a suggestion or prescribed mode of fitness. Quiet Value Woman was not paid to feature any of these, and is not responsible for their claims or features. QV Woman is not responsible for any third party content. Please read our privacy policy and terms of use for more details. 

Has a versatile catalogue of workouts ranging from yoga cardio, strength, training etc.


There are specific sessions for those with specific medical conditions.

The classes can be streamed on your devices.


Over 2.5 million members. Does not offer any personal coaching.

Daily Burn was among the first to go big about online streaming, hoping to encourage more to get fit from their home.

After a 30-day free trial, it costs USD 14.95 for regular and USD 19.95 for premium membership.

From the Under Armour sporting company this is the beginner app most enthusiasts have or have tried at some point.

It is a food journal and fitness goalkeeper and weight loss monitor all in one.

Easy to use with newer updates all the time, this is an app you can start with.

The app has is its exhaustive food nutrition database and can tell you pretty accurately what food has how much calories.

Syncs with other fitness apps.

The free model is sufficient to most of us but the premium model at $66 USD per month has detailed nutritional insight in addition to other features.

A U.K. based one has seen a 50% increase. It has both free and paid versions. The site says they offer “Customized training sessions that you can do anytime, anywhere, with or without equipment”.

Free or paid, the app acts as a digital personal trainer.


Paid version has more features, but free ones is good enough for routine workouts.


With over 50 million downloads, this app is on the up and up!

The Australian app claims an increase of 300% downloads. The app helps you to live a healthy life without fuss.


The varied programs are suitable for various levels of fitness. The site says it “… offers daily workouts, healthy meal plans, hundreds of recipes plus a Wellness Hub dedicated to countless meditations, yoga and Pilates and 
at home equipment free workout sessions.”

And a special QV Woman shoutout to the 2 enterprising women who started this: Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw!

There is no free version and membership starts at $19. 49 a month. There is a 7-day free trial.


The App contains recordings of more than 185 workouts of sessions lasting from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

There are also holistic programs with nutrition and wellness guidance.

Their programs are multi-week and led by a Nike Master Trainer.

Basic app was made free during the pandemic, but Nike has since announced it would be free year-round.

Make the most of it, though we warn that some of their workouts are pretty intense!

Initially starting out as a weight loss app only, BetterMe’s services have expanded to include targeted workouts like flat belly, yoga, meditation, running and so on, in addition to meal plans. They also have tips and tricks.

This app is Ukraine based and QV Woman gives a shout out to the wonderful woman entrepreneur who started this: Victoria Repa.

The app has over a million downloads globally and after a free trial period, costs USD 6.99 a month.

A marketplace for the trainers to showcase their work, get members, track analytics and more!

This app is a mobile marketplace for everyone from athletes to influencers.

It has over 150 trainers registered with them and with one subscription you have access to all of them!

Available only on iPhone, rates are at USD 13.20 per month.

This app is all about customization and specific goals. Depending on the goals you have set, you are given a 6-week training program to complete with further smaller goals within which can also be customized to suit your schedule and fitness levels. It integrates with My Fitness Pal and Strava for enhanced connectivity if you so choose.

After a free trial period, it costs USD 9.99 a month or USD 59.99 if paid annually.


It was only a mater of time using AI would catch up with the at-home fitness market and Tonal is among the first.

It works with you, learns from your moves and changes the strength levels for you. Is it good, is it accurate? Well, it is a very recent entry to the market and plenty customer reviews are not around to make an informed decision. But with at-home fitness getting more and more popular, equipment is also getting more involved and sophisticated. Pricing starts at USD 2,995.


Take a look and decide if this is for you. 


niche apps


One of the largest Yoga studio chain in the world, the brand now offers online options.

There are some free videos to get you started, then there is a free trial option.

For a full experience though, paid subscription is at $49 USD per month and on-demand sessions at $19 per month.

For runners and cyclists, the company says it is the #1 app in that segment. The U.S. based company with global presence, claims to have 13+million viewers, each month this year, more than 2 million are registering they say. It is a free app and there is no cost to share and record videos. For the average user, the free version is probably all you need. However, subscription to the site enables you to explore extra features offered. This App uses GPS to record exercises allowing users to compare performances.

Paid membership is at $10.50 USD per month.


The app comes from premium stationary bike and treadmill company  of the same name. The app website claims to have thousands of classes and over 10 categories of work out types to choose from. While the company reported a 245% increase in app download, we were not able to easily find the number of times the app was downloaded.

There are two ways to access their app – as a Peloton Bike or treadmill owner OR as a Peloton Digital Member where you can work out on any or no equipment at USD 12.99 a month.

For those interested in boxing inspired fitness. Rumble has something called Rumble TV which are classes that take place via Zoom. They are 45 min. full-body cardio and strength workouts.

You can buy a single class for 15 USD or 8 classes in 30 days for 96 USD.


It is low impact workout App inspired by ballerinas. Said to be a good relatable and doable workout schedule for beginners. Can be streamed anywhere, anytime from any device so long as you are connected to the internet.

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