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QVW Rules


NO selling of anything of any kind. 
No spreading of any copyrighted material
Admin decisions are final
No spamming or advertising
Give credit to original author/poet by name.
If you do not know that, make sure to clearly mention the work is not yours.
No encouraging cryptocurrency of any kind. (for ex: BITCOIN)
No religion or politics. Any information with the specific intent of promoting either will be banned.
  • What is QV Woman?
    It is an interactive hub where women can share thoughts & ideas. You can do everything from posting an original story or give your opinion on something to just sitting back and reading what others have written!! And share it widely with other women. It is not just about information, but about creating a hub of women who motivate one another through posting stuff that inspires them. And share information they think is interesting. Remember, even when you share and read others' posts, you are doing your bit!
  • Why should I become a member?
    This is your chance to read, share and motivate yourself and other women. Whether you are writing a post, commenting, pressing the like button or simply sitting back and reading, it's all good! A chance to encounter interesting information. Someone might have shared a poem that resonates with you, remind you of something deeper. A personal story or reading the story of a role model might spur something in you...or someone's poem might make you laugh! This is quite simply a chance to express and read about the small things we feel but don't often express.... And above all, a way to create a community of strong women.
  • How do I become a member?
    Navigate to the top right of the page to see the login bar. Or click on the Forum page and it will direct you to the sign up page! See Details here Use you email / Google or Facebook ID to login. Go to the Profile page, write a couple lines about yourself, upload an image. Hit Publish. And that's it!! You're in... you can start writing, commenting and contributing.....
  • I'd love to sign up but don't want to use my real name, I'm a little concerned when I'm sharing something intense "
    We encourage to use their real name and photograph for profile. We don't think there is anything on the forum that would want you to stay anonymous, or that it would cause trouble in your personal and professional lives. However, if you want, you can use a pen name so to say. Just go to the Profile section in your account and change your name. We want to build a community of strong women and it depends on women getting real with other women, sharing and learning, however we do not want you to be uncomfortable, so changing to a pen name is always an option.
  • Why are you asking for a picture and description for members?
    We want to keep it authentic and make sure every member has a face we can put those thoughts to! Also, a few lines about yourself gives other members a sense of who you are and your posts and comments will mean more. We all have things to say, something uniquely us- say it here! Show your personality!!
  • What are the rules for posting?
    There are broad guidelines at the top of this page and topics to choose from( see The Forum). And you have to be a member. Outside of that, sky is the limit! Also, take some time to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Do I have to post? I don't feel like it...
    No you don't have to post and yes you can absolutely still be on QV Woman! Sign up and browse around and start reading.. You can comment, share and like someone else's post. That would be hugely appreciated and motivate the author to post more... this way, you still help grow the hub!
  • Can I post pictures on my posts?
    Yes of course!! If there are tech difficulties, get in touch with us via the Contact Form
  • Why is QV Woman so insistent on giving credit to authors / poets etc.?
    Someone did the hard work. And many are benefitting. It is only fair they get credit! Folktales and legends have no one author and those stories and morals morph over generations....just mention it is a folktale and you're good to go!
  • What if I want to post an original story or poem?
    Fantastic!!! Go right ahead and mention so clearly. We will make sure (after some verification) to promote and highlight your work!
  • What if it is an old story or poem I know, has been in my family and I am not sure if it is a family thing or a story 'borrowed' from somewhere else and morphed over the generations?"
    You say just that!!! Anything whose origin you are not aware of, just say so!
  • I have an idea but cannot find a relevant category. Now what?
    You can post it in the General Discussion category. Or Get in touch with us. Or use the Member's chat at the bottom right of each page. We'll be happy to add a category for you or help you decide where it could go. Email us:
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