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Articles and helpful links covering a range of issues. If you have something to add, contact us and we will look into it, that's a promise!




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FOR  KIDS, ages 2-12  (bear with us while we find interesting stuff for the gramming crowd!!)

This website has some interesting links on it. May we recommend Typing challenge? never too early to learn that!

Lifehack has some interesting ones too. 

10 zoos offering virtual tours

Young Design Museum  This offers a variety of fun challenges for an afternoon activity, something different from the usual.

Low cost activities that are fun and educational.

KHAN ACADEMY is an all-time favorite and go-to website for learning. Covers a whole lot of things and if we are being honest, it is as much a help for parents as it is for kids! Access the website or download their app.


 Google has been posting games and other fun things as part of their google doodle efforts on their home page. It is fun for all ages, especially kids. Here is a link to access them all.



There are several choices here, and while most say they are free, that is only for a few starter bits. That should not deter you, the freebies are good enough and if your kid loves it, then you can buy / subscribe. 

Here are our picks

AT&T Coding guide kids.jpg

AT & T Outreach says.....

We LOVE it when readers and others interested chip in with help.

Gary Bell from AT & T Outreach reached out to us with this suggestion:

Beginners Coding Guide, an interactive educational resource for children. The guide, he says, 'educates children on computer programming in an entertaining way that keeps kids engaged while learning.'


Thanks Gary, and thank you team AT&T Outreach!!

child care 101

This page from Sunny Garden's Day Care is full of helpful links- from bathroom & kitchen safety to home dangers and more. Check it out.


Our very own story corner with stories for kids (and adults) to enjoy form around the world. Unusual and curated, as is our QV style!



I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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unicef child data

This website covers a whole range of information about children globally. From country profiles to more specific data like nutrition and child protection

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The links take you to a page dedicated to cooking with kids. Told you, we make things easy for you!!

For those of you who can tolerate the mess, here are some options!

Indian chef guru Tarla Dalal has some ideas.

So does The Food Network.

Cooking with Kids (The recipe page).


Cooking with kids is a US based nonprofit aimed at educating kids and adults alike to make healthy choices that are nutritious and affordable. 

PBS has quite a lot of suggestions.


Now, they are kid friendly recipes, but they say these recipes are also something kids can help with. With over 53 pages of ideas (that's right!), you're bound to find something that works...

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