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Have you started your 'Jobs Done' List yet?

Women and their lists….right? How we are 'known' for that, alternately admired and ridiculed for making them. We make all sorts of to-do lists. From shopping to home improvement. A casual look at any app store will tell you there are loads of options, free and paid. I am big on lists! I actually paid $3.99 and bought one that I thought was easy to use! It syncs the list across my phone, laptop and desktop. This way when I think of something I can add it on whatever device is closest to me and it is there on my phone when I get down to addressing it. I do not hesitate to say I am very efficient and organized in this matter! And it's not because I love it, but quite the opposite -because I do not! I don't like going to stores and grappling around, I don't want to come home only to find out I forgot a few things. And it is not just geography- I now live in a place where it is crazy cold 8 months a year! So you might think it is a pain to bundle up and go twice to the same shop. The weather has nothing to do with it! I was like this even when I was in warmer climes! And I am sure there are many women like me, who for their own reasons are very 'list' oriented.

We have lists for groceries, home improvement, big budget and small budget things, which relatives to invite for what festival (and prioritize them in different colors!) and what friends are suited for which type of party. And if we don't make lists, we set up automatic disbursal of things- which is another form of list attacking! We keep account of what software to buy, which credit cards renew when, which bills are due when and how we want to pay for them. It goes on…

But, let me ask you this. How many of you have made a 'jobs done' list?

And no, I do not mean checking off or ticking off things on your to-do list. I mean, taking stock of everything you have accomplished over the years, made a list of that? I bet none of you have, not one of you! Neither have I!

One could argue the societal pressure dictates that women are not encouraged to brag, or say, culturally, traditionally, we are not encouraged to talk about our achievements. But you don't have to make a huge edict in stone, or even tell anyone. For your own sake, for your eyes only, why have you not made a 'jobs done' list?

Writing things down lends things more meaning. You have put it down, documented it, it is done!!

It could be on a piece of paper, or computer document, or even just a 'One Note' or 'Keep Notes' app on your phone - seeing things in writing lends new meaning to things. You will get a deep sense of accomplishment. Put everything down- big and small, anything you consider an achievement. Like I said, no one's going to see it and it is for you only! An art project, the time you went out of your way to help an old friend or the time you aced a difficult test, the time you got that promotion, the time you nailed that yoga pose, the time your bank balance reached the amount you thought you could never save, when you bought something expensive with your own money or the time you took your mom out for a fancy meal- anything that gave you a sense of accomplishment…. Put it all down. And keep adding to it. Make categories- fun, career, family or put it all together- hey, it's your list of jobs done, you make the rules! And read it from time to time. Trust me when I tell you this- you will feel 3 inches taller each time you read it!

We have all done amazing things in life. And many would have gone unnoticed. That does not mean it is not an achievement or a job well done.

So, today, break that mold. Go make a list of things you have done, jobs accomplished. Don't leave out anything and leave plenty of space for more amazing things you're going to do. Reading through that list will tell you not only of all the things you have done, but also the range of things you have already accomplished! I welcome all those who read this to actually try it out. Like we say at QV Woman, we are not interested in inspiring women, we want to motivate them! So, I suggest you now tell me what you think of everything I've said and then go grab a note taker- either on the computer / phone or a piece of paper and get cracking on your 'jobs done' list! I'm sure it's a long one!! #celebratelife #jobsdonelist #qvwoman #jobsdone #womanorganized #womensachievement

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2020년 8월 07일

Jobs done list.

First when I saw this“ Jobs done list” by @aparna saligrama, it really made me sit up and see again. I had never heard of such a thing And would not have been able to imagine or conceive such a concept.

Coming to the point, all my life, I have been making a “jobs to do” list ONLY. And every night, before retiring, I would go through it and plan my moves for the next day. it might be anything from breakfast, lunch menu to meeting the deadline for the article, or visiting my aged parents , taking Ono my kids to the school or doctor or shopping Just to name a few. And honestly, …


#women achievement#tips for career women#qvwoman#jobs to do list#jobsdone

What is this Jobs done list?Never heard of it ! I always have a jobs to do list on my fridge, dressing table and my phone. I use markers to highlight the priority and urgency of the jobs to do. They stare at me all the time lest i forget!

And now this totally revolutionary concept as far as i am concerned , put forth in qvwoman almost unnerved me. But I did read it again and again and i felt there is something in it for me.

Accordingly i did do a JOBS DONE list. Even as a made it i felt happy, The happiness is real for sure, I…

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