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Hello QV Woman!!

Let's do things our way shall we?

It all started with an innocuous email asking to share an inspiring thought or quote. It started a conversation with women in my family (all scattered here and there, so we did this via email). This snowballed into more conversations, thoughts and debates. The original topic was no longer relevant but what happened was we started talking as a family of women, something we had not done in, well, for ever! I learnt things and saw a side of my family which I had not seen (in a good way!) and this was something we would never have done face to face. That I know for sure!!

How many times have we felt frustrated that we are not heard, or have been able to just finish what we're saying? Now's our chance to say it how we want it!

So what do we do?

As much as we love the spoken word, there is something therapeutic about writing things and sharing that. What I found most invigorating about this interaction with my family was how much we all looked forward to reading and sharing with the rest and what I saw was everyone loved how much they controlled their narrative.

So long story short, that led to QV Woman- we share information, uplifting stories and quotes to asking questions to seek answers and we control the narrative!!

The aim is simple- give women the option to write their narrative- in their own words. No forms and "collecting" contacts and friends... I mean really, how many of your contacts on various platforms do you really know well enough to pick up the phone and call? And how many of those will respond with help?

Here at QV Woman we're interested in learning and pushing one another...we are interested in knowing you, through your thoughts, the stories and poems you post and the anecdotes and thoughts you share. Tell us in your own words, in your own time. No one is going to judge you on your language skills or grammar. We're all just happy you took the time to share your experiences with us and other women around the world...

From time to time, we'll have experts weigh in with their experience and do some Q &'s all happening and it's all happening here!

So sign up, and tell us about sure to read the Site Rules first. As much as we love to hear from you, we want to make sure what you're saying is actually useful and beneficial to you and others...

Pick up on an existing thread or start a new one. Ask other women you know- friends, family, work colleagues to join in on the fun. We want to grow this into the go-to site for all things women centric. We're starting with more uplifting things and will roll out more offerings as we go on. What we want to see, gauge is what you want, what interests you, what you'd like to this end, start a petition on any forum or Contact Us to tell us what you'd want on this site that would be of good use to you...

Sign up, create a profile and start posting, tell us what you like and tell us why. Above everything else, we want to hear your voice!

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