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This is a collective. What started as a desire to take part in intelligent conversations among women, became a website and then a portal for all women!. As we give it shape and turn it into something bigger, we also look to you to give us ideas an suggestions...

Aparna Saligrama

I started this to get women chatting. To not just share and pin stuff but to tell us what makes them happy, what makes them think, what made them sad and what made them mad! Was there a poem they loved or a quote they thought was uplifting? I want to hear their voice, passion and emotion...Owning who they are and motivating other fellow women.

As women, we bring and spread value, quietly, wherever we go, whosever lives we touch. I wanted us to do the same to ourselves, to each other- bring and help thrive support and love. 

I am an innovation specialist, an design researcher armed with a PhD. A designer by training (Architecture) and by heart, I now work in the field of innovation and creative problem solving through my consultancy Quiet Value Consulting.


But QV Woman is personal, and I want it to get bigger and bigger- with your thoughts, ideas, words and emotion. Write, post, comment, critique. And if you want something added, get in touch, we'll do something about it. Start your own channel, bring your own friends, followers and fans into the fold. 

Get in touch with fellow members, reach out to them, start a conversation, start a movement!

It is time we realized being emotional and passionate is not a bad thing! Let's celebrate that!

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Aparna Saligrama PhD|
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