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A rich resource pot with stuff ranging from what books to read to unusual recipes; help for kids to career help. 

Browse, catch a read, share and comment. See our blog where women from around the world share interesting insights into various topics. 

It does not take a village to make a successful woman... it takes a community of strong women!

A resource center

We have gathered and vetted a treasure trove of resources on a range of topics helpful to women, well, everyone really! 

Readers have contributed by sending helpful links and resources over the years. 

Go ahead, take a look, contact us if you have something to add...

about qvwoman

Quiet Value Woman is a collective. A passion project that turned into something so much bigger, this portal for women is both personal to founder Aparna Saligrama and an ambitious venture to create a safe  space for women to be themselves- the intelligent creatures they are!

the blog

Our blogs are insightful and sometimes deeply personal journeys into areas we all ponder about, struggle with.


Catch a read, no signup or login required to see the blog

You asked, we heard....

Most of us have been using the virtual world to continue with our work lives. And many are seeing the benefit of doing things online, and a lot of these things will stay with us.

We received not one or two but a few queries on how best to manage online working, how to 'build your brand'  working online. Check out the Career section of our Resources and also our innovation consulting wing for more on how to manage the virtual world.

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