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Quiet Value Woman is a collective. A passion project that turned into something so much bigger, this portal for women is both personal to founder Aparna Saligrama and an ambitious venture to create a safe  space for women to be themselves- the intelligent creatures they are!

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Our blogs are insightful and sometimes deeply personal journeys into areas we all ponder about, struggle with.


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You asked, we heard....

Most of us have been using the virtual world to continue with our work lives. And many are seeing the benefit of doing things online, and a lot of these things will stay with us.

We received not one or two but a few queries on how best to manage online working, how to 'build your brand'  working online. Check out the Career section of our Resources and also our innovation consulting wing for more on how to manage the virtual world.

Latest posts on the forum.....
The latest from our blog...

Our QV Woman Blog is our most popular piece. Maybe it is the personal touch or maybe it is the topics....hmmm.. in any case, we love our blog as do our members (and non-members, as we have found out!). No login is required to access it, so more reason to bookmark it!


We are very excited to have guest bloggers on our site now!! The women (and people from other genders as we go on) we invite are all professionals in their own right, adding insight, giving us a glimpse into their minds and take on issues.

The blogs are invite-only and our bloggers are thoroughly vetted, so if you are interested in reaching greater audiences, please get in touch with us. We have the platform, you do the writing. 

The Peony Girl, aka. Siyuan Ren shares her thoughts...

This time round, marketing specialist and artist and business owner and the woman who made Peonies fashionable, Siyuan Ren shares her thoughts on our blog. 

An incredibly personal and heartwarming blog, she talks about her passion, lessons learnt and how she gives to the community through art.

Read it now! Nothing more to be said!!

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