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Why QV Woman

read fun and insightful things

share your experiences

& voice your opinion

control the narrative

create networks

be a guiding source to others

We are all led to believe it is the grand gestures that matters. Things like 'small moments make life better' and so on are dismissed as a 'woman's thing'. You know what? Time to own it! QV Woman gives voice to precisely that!!!! In our quest to support other women and create a band of strong women, let us make the small things matter. 

So, don't think grand. Don't think of that one post that'll motivate all women and change the world- there's no such thing! Do something small instead- sit back and read what is on there already, laugh, pause and think if you know something similar. Add a comment, it'll boost the person who wrote it and make them contribute more. Small things like this makes your day and someone else's. 

If you don't want to use your own name, use an alias, just go to your Profile and change it for a 'pen name'! It is your voice and thoughts that matter to us! 

Most of us don't do much writing, other than posting comments on our own social media writing might look daunting at first. That'll only last till you publish your first post! A small post, say a joke, an anecdote, a family tradition, something about your work...make a beginning. From then on, you'll need no extra motivation, you'll know for sure you can do this. Share it on your own social media channels and have your friends and family read it, and like it. 

With more services in the pipeline, we are excited to see where this goes. 

So, why are you still here? Go on, start looking around....

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