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the how to page

This is a help page that gives a how-to explanation of some of the features on this site. Click on relevant buttons below to learn how to sign up, create a profile, post stuff, comment etc.

Signing up

Go to the top right OR bottom right of any page. OR go to the Forum. It will send you to the sign up page.

Sign up using your existing Gmail or Facebook account. Or Click 'sign up with email'. Give your email, create a password that you can remember and that is it! You're in!!

You will be directed to the Forum Page directly, so you can start browsing categories, commenting and posting new content.




Click on the Forum Tab and choose whichever category you want to post on.

Click on the yellow button on the top right that says 'Create New Post'

How to post step 1.png



Select 'Start a Discussion to post' or 'Ask a Question' if you only have a question in that category

How to post step 2.png



Start writing!  

Give it a title. Add images and GIFs if you want...limit videos to very short bursts of 10s or less. Or give links to external sites.

Hit publish button on bottom right once done.

Make sure you check for spelling errors! and READ once before publishing. The mind works faster than the hands that type!!

How to post step 3.png


Now the fun part: Share it on social media and invite your friends to read it, like and comment on it! 

Click on the 3 dots on the top right of your post, choose Share Post and share it with the world! 

Adding stuff / making changes AFTER publishing:

Click on the 3 dots on the top right of your post, choose Edit Post and make whatever changes you want.

How to post step 4.png

creating a profile and uploading photo/s

Once you are all signed up, look at the top right of the page.

Click on the downward arrow.

Click on Profile. (This will take you to the Profile Page)

creating profile 1.png

writing about yourself

Under the 'About' header, write a few sentences about yourself.

(You do this because once you start posting amazing things, people will want to connect with you and know a bit about you. So, when someone clicks on your profile, they can get a sense of who you are. As we create a network of women, we need to get a sense of who they are.)

You can add a picture or video if you want as well.

Hit the Publish Button. 

About You.png

 uploading photo/s

Next look left at the photo section. There are two opportunities to upload images.

Hit the Edit button.

The first is within the circle with a camera icon. You click on that to upload an image of yourself, or something that is dear to you, that describes you. (For now, we have not made your own image mandatory, however that could change in the future.)

The second is the blue background that says ' Add or Change Photo'. This gives you a background cover for your profile photo, makes your profile looks grand!

Once you are done, click Save and your're done!! All set. 

adding profile photos.png
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